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24/7 Towing Service

Kentucky. West Virginia. Virginia. Tennessee  

serving since 1998

Ken’s Towing is dedicated to providing premier transportation services by using state of the art equipment, qualified and trained employee team members, a safe work environment, and a common goal of 100% customer satisfaction. Our desire is to build long term relationships by providing efficient, cost effective solutions to customer needs with our vast selection of equipment and versatile team members.

Why Choose Ken's.

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Eric Andrews says...

We used AAA to line up our tow. Jordan was awesome. He towed us 100 miles from KY into VA. Did a great job. Took a lot of pride. Had a really nice truck - was so friendly and nice seeing as we had to pile into the cab and make the trip. Couldn’t have been kinder and helped us out in a real jam. Very impressed. Call Ken’s for sure!

Eric Kinney chose Ken's after midnight....

Great customer service. Made me feel like I was the most important client they had at the time. When I called on the weekend after midnight, I was taken care of and given first priority. I would definitely use them whenever going back to Kentucky.


Gator Unleashed says...

They simply get the job done we use them weekly and have no complaints.

My car was locked up and running for 4 hours straight & we called over 10 people and nobody would attempt to open it or weren’t open. Called kens and they left straight away and got it open fast and we are very grateful.

Has Your Car Been Impounded?

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We make retrieval easy. You will need the following to pick up your vehicle.

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if this is an emergency, call us now. we're available 24/7.

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